OCP Ranger Ready Ruck Large Molle II Mail-In Order (Deffenbaugh)

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Courtesy of Gibsons Tactical Tavern

Gibson's Ranger Ready Ruck Modification

OD 2qt Canteen Covers x 2

New 2qt Canteen x 2

Custom Braided Handle for Carrying, Picking Up and Identification

The Gibson Ranger Ready Ruck Modification includes but not limited to: 

  • Kidney Pad adjustments
  • Enhanced Shoulder Straps.
  • Improved Load Lifter attachments
  • Improved Quick Release Straps
  • Added Assault Pack Clips
  • Customized Ruck Handle
  • Bag and Frame Assembled High and Tight
  • Additional Adjustments to Lock and Secure the Bag to the Frame
  • All Pouches are Molled with Additional Tie-Downs